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Paul George appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' so he can meet Guillermo

The Pacers All-Star forward is taking advantage of a night off in Los Angeles to star as a guest on a late-night talk show.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers forward Paul George will have a little fun while trying to raise his profile among the masses on Monday night when he makes an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' which airs at 11:35 ET on ABC.

With a couple of days off in Los Angeles, PG was able to arrange an appearance on the show he watches frequently which will air tonight, as Dave Furst shared via Twitter.

Check out the video with Furst's hard-hitting interview of PG where the Pacers' leading scorer is pressured into revealing his ulterior motive for taping the show -- to meet JK's quirky sidekick, Guillermo.

It sounds as though George doesn't know what the JK crew have in store for him, but he's ready to have fun and roll with the laughs. George makes the point that drawing the additional attention to himself also brings more attention to the team. Roy Hibbert has been a part of the JKL show in the past on Skype and via Twitter.