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NBA fines David West for flagrant elbow on Blake Griffin

The Pacers power forward was ejected after a flagrant 2 foul at the end of the second quarter on Saturday night.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA hit Pacers forward David West with a $15,000 fine for the flagrant elbow to the head of Blake Griffin at the end of the second quarter during the Pacers in over the Clippers on Saturday night.

West was ejected and forced to watch the second half from the weight room as his teammates covered up for his absence in the second half by running the Clippers out of the gym. Following the game, West took the blame for getting tangled up, but wasn't apologetic for his reaction.

"That was going to happen, with my arm like that, one way or the other," West said. After West tried to grab the loose ball after the buzzer, his arm tangled with Blake Griffin as the pair engaged in a minor tug of war for the ball. As West's arm started getting stretched, he disengaged to throw a 'bow and a scowl Griffin's way.

"I put myself in that situation, but I'm not going to back down in these situations."

West didn't expect any further penalty after missing the second half, but the NBA tacked on the fine today. The money will hurt West's bottom line, but he did avoid a suspension, so the Pacers will be at full strength when they take on the Golden State Warriors on Monday night.