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Halftime score: Pacers lead Clippers 57-41, David West ejected

The Los Angeles Clippers jumped out of the gate 15-10 against the Indiana Pacers before they missed 13 straight shots. The Pacers used the opportunity to mount a 15-0 run. The Pacers continued to push against the Clippers, moving their lead to 18 halfway through the second. They lead 57-41 at the half, but will be without David West for the second half, who was ejected after an unnecessary swipe on Blake Griffin's head after the halftime horn had sounded.

Paul George leads the Pacers with 20 on 7-10 shooting and Lance Stephenson played well, scoring 11 points with five rebounds and five assists. Roy Hibbert had five blocks in the first quarter and C.J. Watson gave solid minutes off the bench with nine points.