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Pacers co-founder Chuck DeVoe dies at 83

An Indianapolis native and icon for the Pacers organization passed away on Dec. 28.

Andy Lyons

Indianapolis native Chuck DeVoe passed away earlier this week at 83 after battling Melanoma cancer for three months. DeVoe played an active part in leaving his city in far better shape than he found it, which included several efforts to enhance the sports community in Central Indiana.

DeVoe was among an investment group which founded the ABA Indiana Pacers and served as the team's president for eight years which included three ABA championships. DeVoe's efforts paved the way for the modern NBA Pacers.

Fittingly, the NBA Pacers are in the midst of their best season since those ABA days when DeVoe was in charge. Pacers VP Bill Benner remembers DeVoe on

They pooled their money, bought a franchise in the fledgling American Basketball Association and the rest, as they say, is history.

But without those first steps, Indianapolis might not have completed the journey that continues to this day, where sports is an integral part of the city's legacy and history, and where the Pacers continue to play a vital and integral role.

Please read the whole piece along with his obituary.