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George Hill, Paul George hype up G2 Zone at Purdue football game

The G2 Zone was in full effect at Purdue on Saturday as George Hill and Paul George showed up for the Boilermakers' game against Indiana State.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

George Hill and Paul George didn't just make an appearance at Purdue's home game against Indiana State, it appears like they took over and had a blast in the process. The pair was everywhere on campus for game day activities as several Tweets from West Lafayette attest. They were tailgating, on the sidelines, in the student section, banging the big drum and hanging with the band all to promote the Pacers and their G2 Zone.

In fact, here are a few Tweets which tell the story much better with pictures, including a classic with G3 taking over as the band's Drum Major to lead off.

Oh, Purdue won the game 20-13 but didn't have nearly as much fun as G3 and PG. Also, here's a video with Eddie White reporting from the scene.

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