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Paul George back in Indy, making himself feel at home with Pacers

Pacers star Paul George is back in town to prepare for the upcoming season and appears to be spreading his roots in Indy with a pending contract extension on the way soon.


Pacers swingman Paul George has had a busy offseason, spending time in China, back home in Southern California and in Vegas with Team USA. But earlier in the week, PG made his way back in Indy to settle in and begin prepping for the start of Pacers training camp later in the month.

PG talked about his offseason and how he enjoys getting to town early to enhance team chemistry with pre-camp workouts and pick-up games during an interview with Dan Dakich on Friday afternoon (the podcast is not up but assume it will at some point). He also unknowingly gave a strong indication that he either expects to sign a contract extension with the Pacers or already has one in the bag.

As PG opened the interview, he mentioned he was just relaxing at his home on Geist. Hmm, that's usually a second-contract neighborhood PG was calling from just off the shoreline of Geist. No more condo downtown close to the Fieldhouse, this is the move of a player looking to spread his roots and remain in Indy for a while. He is certainly making himself at home with the local restaurants.

Now, as news goes, this is hardly shocking. Anyone outside of the most desperate Lakers fans knows George can make far more money on a longer contract with the Pacers. Even if he did want to leave, it wouldn't be a smart financial move. But of course, he doesn't want to leave the situation he's in with the Pacers.

So just how maxed out PG's pending max contract extensions ends up being we shall wait and see, but the budding star earned it along with the relaxed, rested and ready tone of voice he displayed in his interview with DD. Kid is going to be a great ambassador for the Pacers and the city for years to come.

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