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Yahoo! Sports: Paul George finalizing five year, $90 million-plus deal with Pacers

The Pacers and Paul George are finalizing a five year, $90 million-plus deal.


Paul George had alluded to his contract extension with the Indiana Pacers last week and things have begun to take form as Yahoo! Sports reports the contract is nearly finalized. The contract will be a five year, $90 million-plus deal according to Yahoo!, a max contract for the 23-year-old wing. George was a crucial part of Indiana's success this past season, taking on the role as the team's leader on the fly when Danny Granger missed all but five games this past season.

George not only led the team in scoring, averaging 17.4 PPG and 7.6 TRB, but was named to his first All-Star game, and was popular in the end-of-year awards, winning the league's Most Improved Player and being named All-NBA 3rd Team and 2nd Team All-Defense. George upped his scoring to 19.2 PPG to go with 7.4 TRB and 5.1 AST in the playoffs, leading the Pacers to within a game of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, going toe to toe and earning respect from LeBron James throughout the series.

A max contract certainly was expected, but with George's willingness, the team is able to avoid an equally frustrating free agency period the team experienced with Roy Hibbert last summer. It shows that the team not only has faith in George as someone who can carry the team to their goal, but that George is more than happy to remain a part of the Indianapolis community and lend his talents to a contender with the Pacers. It also allows the Pacers and George to compete next spring with the distraction of an uncertain future for both parties.

Yahoo! expects the deal to be signed this week.