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Fellow NBA rookies like Solomon Hill's defense and everything about Victor Oladipo

A survey of this year's NBA rookie class reveals a healthy dose of respect for the Pacers first-round pick.


The Indiana Pacers surprised many a draft analyst when they selected Solomon Hill with the 23rd pick in the 2013 NBA draft. Following a solid summer league showing, chatter moved from who/bust to wait-and-see mode.

Among his peers in the 2013 rookie class, a group that brings a different and arguably better perspective than any scouts or analysts, expectations are pretty high for Hill considering where he was picked in the draft. A recent survey of 36 rookies from the 2013 NBA draft class included a few questions with Hill among those receiving votes.

Former Hoosier, Victor Oladipo was all over the survey, as the group of rookies expect big things from the second overall pick.

Hill tied for second in the voting for best rookie defender with Nerlens Noel, although the pair finished a distant second to Oladipo who garnered almost 63% of the vote. Oladipo tied for first with C.J. McCollum for the projected Rookie of the Year.

As for which player will have the best career, Oladipo again tied for first, this time with Kelly Olynyk. Cody Zeller finished fourth in the voting, oddly the only category in which Zeller received votes. Hill was among a group of players to also receive votes in the category.

Hill also showed up well in the most overlooked category. The vote was spread out among several players, with four players tied for first. Hill was among six players tied for fifth in the category.

Detroit rook, Tony Mitchell beat out Oladipo in the most athletic category which is frightening considering the extent of Vic's athletic ability.

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