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Roy Hibbert transforming from NBA center to NBA monster

A recent picture of the Big Dawg reveals Huge Dawg may be more accurate.


Roy Hibbert often shares his offseason workout plans on social media with a dash of TMI. I mean, does anyone need to know what he's eating?

But after seeing an Instagram shot yesterday of Hibbert with some boxers, Tim Duncan and Ian Mahinmi, we can confirm that Hibbert just doesn't "talk" about his workouts, he actually puts in the work. Hibbert simply dwarfs the room in the pic below. Even after trying to account for a possible camera angle, Hibby is HUGE!

Ian Mahinmi was listed at 6'11 and 230 pounds last year, while Hibbert was 7'2 and 280 pounds. Appears the 50-pound difference is closer to 60 or 70 right now. And how about Duncan? The Big Fundamental was listed at 6'11 and 260 pounds. Hibbert's arm looks about as big as Timmy's leg! Crazy.

Let's assume Roy maintains his normal level of mobility and continues to master the law of verticality around the rim, how many players are going to want to jump into him now? Whoa!

The other impressive take away from that photo are Roy's sweet stars and stripes socks. Check it out.

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