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George Hill shows up on TMZ...for the right reasons

The tabloid celebrity news site caught up with G3 out in SoCal where he represented himself well.

Andy Lyons

A quick way to start your day with a cringe is to shut off your alarm and then check your phone to see an email from TMZ touting a story involving an Indiana Pacers player. Knowing at least half of the team is out in the L.A. area for some workouts and team bonding, in the hot bed of TMZ's ever-present eye on celebs, pondering the possibilities of an overnight incident made clicking on the email a challenge for my first act of the day.

But alas, the Pacers could be proud of this TMZ segment, a rare positive spin doled out, in this case to George Hill during an appearance where he discussed why he decided to skip the Team USA training camp, thus likely giving up any future chance to play for the team. Doing it for the kids is always a good answer. Good for him, good for the Pacers and for me, a good way to start the day.

By the way, Hill was in L.A. for a guard/wing work out with Paul George, Danny Granger, Lance Stephenson, Solomon Hill, Orlando Johnson, Chris Copeland and Donald Sloan. If you are wondering where C.J. Watson was, appears he was at home in Vegas working out with Impact Basketball while taking advantage of offseason family time.

So here's G3 earning some suck-up questions from the boys at TMZ.

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