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Indy Cornrows Courtside Podcast: Tim Donahue

IC Courtside goes across the aisle to welcome to the show Tim Donahue from

Mike Ehrmann

Mid-August is certainly set in the dog days of the NBA offseason, but that didn't stop Jimmy from calling up Tim Donahue of 8Points9Seconds fame to discuss the Pacers' offseason moves. The two go in-depth on David West's value to Indiana, dissect his merits when compared to top-line forwards around the league, and try to predict how Luis Scola will affect West's minutes.

The conversation then turns to the Pacer rotation, as the guys try to figure out how the Pacers will gel and how long the process could take. Which X-Factor could take a step back? Who could end up the odd man out? Just how good is the Indiana bench? Click the link below:

Indy Cornrows Courtside Link: Tim Donahue

Bumper music courtesy of Dell Zell.