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Pacers Offseason: Luis Scola in town, Pacers ready to 'go for it all'

The Pacers latest acquisition is in Indy and, along with coach Frank Vogel, took time to speak with the media on Tuesday morning.

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The Indiana Pacers still have a couple of open roster spots, but after completing a trade for versatile big man, Luis Scola the team has all of the parts in place for the upcoming season. Scola met with the local media on Tuesday, often expressing his gratitude to join a winning situation.

On his own, Scola isn't the missing piece the Pacers need to surpass the Miami Heat in the East and win an NBA championship, but the combination of moves the team made culminating with the Scola trade does address several needs on the roster and gives Frank Vogel a variety of options in reserve.

Vogel was happy to discuss the situation in general today and also wanted to make sure the organizations intentions are clear to fans and the rest of the NBA.

"This is a place that coaches, as I'm finding out, and free agents and players want to be," Vogel said. "It's rare to have the opportunity to be legitimate contender and we feel like that's where we're at right now. We've got a shot over the next couple of years to go for it all and we're going for all."

The time is now to "go for it all" as the Pacers were able to completely revamp their bench with a new group of players that still won't force them to pay any luxury tax and more importantly, shouldn't muck with the exceptional team chemistry that allows the collective talent on the roster to play better than any team in the league on a given night.

It is amazing to think back to the 2007-08 season with no cap space and the underperforming contracts of Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy and Jermaine O'Neal which were immovable boulders. Finally, later that summer Toronto help break up O'Neal's boulder but still left half of the mess with T.J. Ford's big contract. But now with far better cap managements, along with a new CBA pitching in, the Pacers have far more flexibility to strike a deal that works.

So when Phoenix is in rebuild mode and trying to move Scola, the Pacers can make it work. But this is the year to put those pieces in place considering Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee combined will make more money this year than the combo of Paul George and Lance Stephenson. That won't be the case next year and the Pacers will have to continue tinkering with the roster to make the money work while still competing for a title.

But none of those administrative details matter in the upcoming 2013-14 season since the Pacers are focused on winning right now.

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