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Indy Cornrows Courtside Podcast: Ian Levy

Indy Cornrows introduces new Pacers-centric podcast.


Days after the Pacers made a positive splash with the acquisition of Luis Scola, Jimmy Cavanaugh talks with IC contributor Ian Levy at length about Indiana's offseason bench improvement, and how the new pieces fit (or don't fit) with last season's team identity. Together, they investigate Luis Scola's potential impact on the Pacers, the implications of his addition on the rest of the Indiana bench and delve deeper into the other offseason roster moves.

Should Lance Stephenson or Danny Granger crack the starting lineup? What differences could fans see in 2013? To which ghost of Pacers past does Ian compare Solomon Hill? For all these answers and more, click the podcast link below.

Link: Indy Cornrows Courtside: Episode One