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Stein: Gerald Green, draft considerations part of Pacers deal for Luis Scola

The Pacers effort to land the veteran power forward for Phoenix appears to be a win-win deal for two teams with different agendas heading into next season.


Indiana Pacers high-flyin' wingman, Gerald Green will reportedly be on his way to the Phoenix Suns along with some form of draft pick compensation in exchange for forward Luis Scola, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.

The deal will benefit both teams since the Pacers are looking to win, like yesterday and certainly next year and hoping more options off the bench will provide better support for one of the top starting units in the NBA. That added support makes the Pacers more serious championship contenders than last year, when they did alright in that category as it was.

The Suns are looking at a full rebuild which doesn't include Scola and his declining production so folks on the other side are pretty happy with the parameters of this deal, as well. Scola has a lot of mileage on him and his numbers were in decline last year. He shot a career-worst 47% from the field, down from around 50% for every other year.

Of course, the situation in Phoenix was in decline last year, as well so Scola's motivation may have been lacking. The Pacers don't need heavy minutes from the big man, just a reliable option to play critical minutes in big games. In fact, they don't even need Scola to break a sweat until some time after the All-Star break in an effort to prepare for a playoff run.

Not saying that is what will happen, but that is the main need for the Pacers. Think of Ray Allen looking done and buried but then tapping into his veteran know-how to give the Heat a boost in the Finals, or Mike Miller doing what he does best for the Pacers. That type of boost from a guy who knows how to play the games will be a nice option for the Pacers.

Green was never able to give a similar boost, but in hindsight he didn't have any big-game experience to tap into. I can see him producing plenty of highlights for the Suns and hopefully with the extra minutes he'll continue to develop his overall NBA game to become a productive player on any team for the remainder of his career. The guy has the talent and is a great guy to have on a roster, just needs to figure out how to play the NBA game consistently.

The Pacers also get out from another year of Green's $3.5 million guaranteed contract. Scola have another year at $4.8 millions but it is not all guaranteed. According to Dave King at BSotS, Scola's deal guarantees $1 million and then that guarantee goes up to $1.5 millions depending on minutes played.

Hopefully, Scola will revitalize his career by not having to play heavy minutes, while still providing what the Pacers need off the bench. Obviously, he has no problem with that role otherwise the Pacers would not be dealing for him now.

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