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Stein: Tyler Hansbrough an unrestricted free agent after Pacers rescind offer

The Pacers will let Hansbrough hit the open market to look for more playing time.


After locking up David West at power forward for the next three years, the Indiana Pacers no longer needed their backup plan. Marc Stein reports that the Pacers will rescind their qualifying offer for Tyler Hansbrough which makes the team's former first round pick an unrestricted free agent.

The Pacers will now use at least part of their mid-level exception to fill out the roster. My favorite basketball accountant, Tim Donahue offers a plausible avenue, using a good chunk of the MLE to sign a shooter like Chris Copeland and then a near-minimum deal for Jeff Pendergraph. Regardless of the players or positions, the Pacers are left with some part of the MLE and minimum money for the rest of the roster.

For his career with the Pacers, Hansbrough was a good fit for the re-vamped culture and turnaround Frank Vogel orchestrated. After essentially missing a season after a head/neck/inner ear injury, he was all blue collar with little gold swagger but when it came to "smashmouth" basketball, Hansbrough was all in.

While he wasn't always effective on the court, the other team had to account for his presence of for nothing else to keep all their teeth. Unfortunately, Hansbrough struggled adjusting to limited minutes off the bench and wasn't able to produce consistently enough to lead the reserve unit, as hoped. The Pacers will miss his energy and physical play, but the price for those two assets was simply too much with the current roster.