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Woj: Pacers finalizing deal with David West

The Pacers continue working through their free agent check list by locking up their top priority.

Andy Lyons

Yet another Adrian Wojnarowski report from has the Indiana Pacers close to finalizing a deal to bring back free agent forward David West. YES!!!

It seemed like a foregone conclusion that West would return to make another run with the Pacers but it is always nice to see the deal come to fruition without any other teams drawing West's interest. The only question has been just what type of deal West would sign and for what he delivered for the Pacers a $2 million raise is more than fair. However, that number also bumps against the ceiling of what the Pacers could offer while still trying to upgrade their bench appropriately.

Assuming that C.J. Watson signed for the 2-year bi-annual exception of around $2.1 million per, the Pacers will need to decide on keeping Tyler Hansbrough or using their mid-level exception for a little over $5 million to finish their work this summer.

One thing is for sure, they won't be doing much shopping next summer with this deal in place and a big salary headed Paul George's way unless they can find a way to free themselves of Gerald Green's money.

But forget money for a minute and appreciate the fact that the most influential voice in the Pacers locker room will be back to assume his leadership role on and off the floor for the Pacers. That is outstanding news!