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Chris Copeland officially introduced with Pacers

The Pacers were able to name Chris Copeland as their newest member.


This morning, the Indiana Pacers were able to officially announce the signing of restricted free agent Chris Copeland. Larry Bird is quoted in the release as not only praising what Copeland can bring on the floor, but also seems to feel he'll fit right in to what the Pacers are off the floor as well. Copeland has had a long road to get to the NBA before getting his NBA break last year as an integral part of the New York Knicks.

Copeland is grateful for his opportunity to play for the Pacers, but has shown plenty of loyalty to the team that gave him his opportunity, not only expressing his distaste for the team that eliminated him when the news first broke, but expounding on it a little bit when he appeared on Grady and Big Joe this past Friday. Copeland talked about he mulled over the decision to leave the Knicks with a couple of jabs towards the team he plays for now. He also had his opportunities to show up any reasons he didn't play much in the Pacers/Knicks series, but he remained humble in his answers.

He also mentioned his desire to stay hungry, still feeling he has places to go in the NBA, mentioning that he's willing to play whatever style the coaching staff wants him to play. The concern with Copeland, defense aside, as overrated a concern as that might be compared to pieces on championship contenders, is whether or not he was a one-year wonder, a 29-year-old rookie that simply had one year where everything fell for him. But assuming the words he speaks are true, especially about him staying hungry and not taking the NBA for granted, anything short of bad luck should offer the Pacers a piece they can use to really change the tempo within the team's second unit.

With Copeland finally signed, the roster now sits at 14 players. The team surely isn't done making moves, or at least done trying to make moves, but are you pleased with where the team is at right now as opposed to where they left off at the end of the season? Any concerns with Copeland still having a soft spot for his new team's historic rival?