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2013 Indy Cornrows Community Mock Draft Sign Up!

Here is where Indy Cornrows' readers will sign up to be GM's of our own Indy Cornrows mock draft. Below will be the rules of the mock draft and sign up to be a GM or an alternate in the comments below.

Who's ready for the Community Mock Draft? Sign up in the comments section below to be a GM of a team!
Who's ready for the Community Mock Draft? Sign up in the comments section below to be a GM of a team!

.Any readers of Indy Cornrows can sign up to be a general manager to 29 of the 30 teams (Sorry guys I call the Pacers already). The GM's of the teams will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once all the teams are selected, we will have alternates for them if they can not make it on time. Plan C will be if neither the main GM or alternate show up, I will make the pick.

This is a total of 60 readers/writers in a 2 round mock draft process. Also, the amount of commenters that follow along for fun is a huge, added bonus! I also write over at the SB Nation Colts blog, Stampede Blue and it was a big success with almost 2000 comments.

The draft will take place Monday, June 10 at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. It will run until we have reached the very end of the second round.

You will make your selections in the comments section below once it officially starts at 7:00.

Here are the official rules of the Indy Cornrows Community Mock Draft:

  • Pick are made by the person assigned to the team, nobody else.
  • Readers who are assigned to the team have 5 minutes to make a pick, and the clock stars when I announce someone is on the clock.
  • Readers should not submit a pick until the announcement that you are on the clock has been made.
  • No trades will be allowed in the community mock draft. Sorry, but it is just too much to coordinate that with the likely hundreds of comments coming in by the second (hopefully).
  • For the people assigned teams, if you or the alternate are not there, I will make the pick for them with a community consensus from the other readers.
  • If a team does not have a rep or time runs out, the community consensus will make the pick.
  • The GM, or myself will only use the subject line on comments. The rest of you please do not use the subjecty line, so it is easier to find who was picked.
  • If readers are throwing the pick, or making no sense (a joke of this) we'll have to throw out the pick and I will take over.
  • Please recommend a comment for when someone takes someone or if someone is on the clock. It would help for people trying to scroll through all the comments.
  • If you are a GM of a team, please leave a detailed reason of why you picked that player during the pick or after the selection.
  • If you might not be here on time, send me an email of your big board so I can base it off of your personal choices. (
  • As mentioned, I will be the GM of the Pacers, but I will base it off of community consensus from the readers as well.

Remember, sign up for a team outside of the Pacers in the comments section below.

Good luck everyone!