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Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Round One: Mason Plumlee vs. Kelly Olynyk

Another battle of big men occurs on the frontcourt side of the bracket. Who will advance on to face Gorgui Dieng in round two of the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament? Will it be Mason Plumlee or Kelly Olynyk getting your vote?

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

More versatile big men invade the tournament as we have another matchup of that in the first round. It features Mason Plumlee of Duke versus Kelly Olynyk of Gonzaga. Both look like they could play both center and power forward in the NBA. Either one of these players would provide a replacement to Tyler Hansbrough, with more offensive and defensive ability. These prospects may not be sexy picks, but they could be critical to a team off the bench for years to come.

Below are the video breakdowns of Plumlee and Olynyk from SB Nation partner, Draft Express. The following videos of both prospects are around 15 minutes long, so sit back and watch possibly a future member of the Indiana Pacers come draft night.

Plumlee or Olynyk would be much better upgrades in Indiana's frontcourt over Hansbrough and Jeff Pendergraph. Both of these prospects have relatively low potential to be stars on the next level, but would be key contributors off the bench. If the Pacers want a big man who can stretch the floor and also bring energy off the bench, they can not go wrong with selecting either of these players. Would you rather have the Plumlee brothers reunite, or have the luscious locks of Olynyk join the roster next season?

After the video analysis of both prospects from Draft Express, who should advance on to the second round? Will it be Mason Plumlee or Kelly Olynyk