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Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Round One: Shane Larkin vs. Nate Wolters

Possibly the most intriguing prospect for Pacers fans finally shows up in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament. In a battle of scoring point guards, who will advance on to the second round?

Did Shane Larkin receive a promise from the Pacers?
Did Shane Larkin receive a promise from the Pacers?

This matchup looks like the most intriguing one for most Pacers fans due to one thing, the issue at point guard. Also, maybe the most talked about prospect by fans is Miami point guard, Shane Larkin. Seems like this battle between Larkin (Miami) and Nate Wolters (South Dakota State) should be a good one. These prospects could easily provide the depth and scoring punch the second unit severely lacked this season.

Below are the video breakdowns of both Larkin and Wolters from SB Nation partner, Draft Express. Both of the following videos are around 15 minutes long, so sit back and watch possibly a future member of the Indiana Pacers come draft night.

As we saw during the regular season and throughout the playoffs, D.J. Augustin is not the answer to backup George Hill long-term. He was incapable of making correct reads on offense and turned into a player that was used for scoring purposes only. Larkin and Wolters could do what Augustin could not, and more.

Larkin or Wolters would fit in right away on Indiana's roster. Either one would give Frank Vogel significant scoring off the bench and willing passers, if needed. Scoring-wise, Indiana would get a coup with either one of these players. Larkin averaged 15 points per game, while Wolters averaged 22 per game. If Indiana wants more scoring and better passers then Augustin, and even George Hill, then selecting Larkin or Wolters would be the correct choice to make.

A quick little news nugget I found on Larkin is that he refused to work out for the Knicks, who have the 24th pick in the draft. According to ZAGSBLOG, a blog written by NBA analyst Adam Zagoria, Larkin is expected to workout for teams in 13-23 range. That range does include Indiana as well.

Just throwing it out as a possibility, but did Kevin Pritchard make Larkin a promise?

After the video analysis of both prospects from Draft Express, who should advance on to the second round? Will it be Shane Larkin or Nate Wolters getting your vote to move in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament?