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Pacers Links: Brian Shaw top choice for Clippers; Take the Roy Hibbert Challenge

The first offseason day for the Pacers proved entertaining with Brian Shaw leading several coaching rumors and Roy Hibbert engaging with NBA fans.

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Joe Robbins

As the dust settles following the Indiana Pacers' exit from the playoffs it becomes easier to appreciate the season and deep playoff run the Pacers enjoyed this year while also looking ahead to the draft and offseason changes. As much as I'd like to be going down to the Fieldhouse for Game 8 against the Heat tonight, exhaling after the intense run is kinda nice.

In racing circles, the offseason is referred to as the "silly season" and it didn't take long for the Pacers to join the fray of reported rumors and silly off-court action. Brian Shaw's name continues to surface in coaching chatter, with reports out of L.A. that he is the top choice for the Clippers. If Chris Paul remains, I'm sure Shaw would find that job quite appealing with the additional chance to stick it to the Lakers for passing on him after Phil Jackson departed.

In more silly news, Roy Hibbert wasted little time interacting and ingratiating himself with NBA fans after responding to SB Nation's Mike Prada's tweet during Game 7.

By the time their Twitter exchange was over, Hibbert had #RoyHibbertChallenge ready to roll through Twitter and Vine, challenging everyone to record themselves trying to chug a 20 oz. Gatorade. The Big Fella flashing those social media skills once again.

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