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Sources: Brian Shaw considered for open NBA head coaching spots

The Pacers will likely have to fill out their coaching staff this offseason as Shaw's time to take a top spot is now.


Indiana Pacers associate head coach, Brian Shaw is officially a hot commodity on the NBA coaching market now that the Pacers are out of the playoffs. This year, finally, it appears Shaw will get a shot at a solid NBA job after spending several years as one of the league's top assistants.

The Pacers seem fully prepared to see Shaw take the big step to the first chair on the bench after nearly losing him last summer. In fact, there were times this year I felt the players and Vogel made sure they included Shaw's name in any positive statements about player development, strategy or advice to make sure every front office around the league understood his value to the successful season the Pacers were having.

It didn't take long for Shaw's name to appear as a leading candidate for a few key openings. Mike Wells tweeted the initial interest shown today from the Brooklyn Nets.

ESPN is also reporting various sources confirming that Shaw is in the Nets' sights along with former Memphis coach Lionel Hollins. Shaw's name has also been linked to the Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons. The Pistons have Phil Jackson consulting, so Detroit would be a lock if Shaw were inclined. The Clippers and Nets jobs are more appealing and yesterday, prior to the Nets news, reports out of Detroit claimed Shaw was holding out for the Clips' job.

For Shaw's sake, he has to leave for a top job this year or risk running out of favor with front offices around the league. Last year, Shaw reportedly had options with the Charlotte Bobcats and Orlando Magic which he passed on to hold out for a better opportunity.