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Woj: Pacers Interested in Tony Allen

Indiana will try to sway Memphis' "Grind Father" from leaving the Grizzlies when free agency begins on July 1. New York, Milwaukee, and obviously Memphis will also be trying to obtain Allen's services as well.

Could the "Grind Father" be bringing "Grit & Grind" to Indiana?
Could the "Grind Father" be bringing "Grit & Grind" to Indiana?
Ronald Martinez

According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, the Indiana Pacers will be one of four teams trying to persuade Tony Allen to sign with them. The other three teams are Memphis, New York, and Milwaukee. All of these teams are expected to meet with Allen's representatives sometime this week.

The fit with Indiana is an interesting one for Allen. Out of all four teams chasing after him for his services, Indiana is the closest to winning a title. Allen would likely cost Indiana their full mid-level exception.

After not going over the luxury tax last Summer, Indiana can offer Allen a contract up to $5.15 million per year in his new contract. Would Allen be willing to take a 3 year, $15.45 contract from Indiana, with knowledge that he would be coming off the bench? I think outside of returning to Memphis, Indiana would be the most appealing to Allen.

Think about this, Indiana signs Allen and they now have three of the top-notch perimeter defenders in the NBA (Allen, Paul George, and Lance Stephenson). Getting the "Grind Father" to send his "Grit & Grind" attitude would thrive on this team's roster. Indy Cornrows will keep you updated on this Allen situation, as I would assume Larry Bird and Kevin Pritchard will be on their way to meet with his agent soon.