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Halftime score: Heat lead Pacers 52-37

The Indiana Pacers completely gave away the first half of Game 7 against the Miami Heat, committing 14 turnovers and allowing nine offensive rebounds leading Miami to 15 extra field goal attempts. In other areas, the Pacers have done a decent job, forcing Miami into a low shooting number and leading after the first quarter, but once Miami found the ball going in on the second or third try in the second quarter, they pushed the lead into double figures.

The Pacers have no answer for Miami's defense and have gotten outscored 20-10 in the paint. Roy Hibbert has been limited as well, scoring just four points in the first half before going out with three fouls. The Pacers haven't gotten anything from anyone because of the turnovers as David West leads the team with 10. LeBron James has 18 including eight free throws, with Dwyane Wade scoring 10. Ray Allen has 10.

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