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2013 NBA Draft: Getting to know Pacers' pick Solomon Hill

The Pacers top pick in the NBA draft caught many by surprise in large part because they knew nothing about him as a player. Check out some info on Solomon Hill from someone who knows his game well.

Harry How

Summer league and then training camp and preseason games will give us some idea of what the Indiana Pacers top pick, Solomon Hill has to offer. But for a better idea of what Hill did at Arizona to make him an NBA draft prospect in the first place, the folks at SB Nation's Arizona Desert Swarm have us covered big time.

Kevin Zimmerman covered Hill during his college career has a couple of stories up which offer a glimpse at what we can expect from Hill. From reading the two posts on Hill, disappointment isn't something we should expect.

In Zimmerman's story about the Pacers drafting Hill, we learn that the rook was essentially a utility forward throughout his career at Arizona, filling in at power forward until the team had enough size to allow him to work more at small forward.

Hill averaged an unassuming 13.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game as he became more perimeter oriented as a senior. Playing often at the power forward position early on in his career, Hill was labeled a tweener early on and has dealt with shucking that misconception of his game.

Also, nice sober analysis of Hill's game which was prepared prior to the draft and includes answers to some general questions.

What will fans of the NBA love and/or hate about this prospect?

Hill could be compared to a Jared Dudley type of player in the league. He's got a wealth of experience from college and won't be a risk to rile up tensions in a locker room. He's smart and projects to improve in increments from year to year.

So essentially, the Pacers drafted an adult who will work at his craft, whether that be individual skill development or perfecting his role in offensive sets or defensive schemes, like a pro. If you still aren't convinced about the maturity Hill will bring to the Fieldhouse, listen to his interview with Kent Sterling on 1070 The Fan. I'm not sure but I think at one point when Hill mentioned himself as a brand, Sterling had an orgasmic gasp. He wasn't the only one. Check out the link below.

Solomon Hill with Kent Sterling on "Ahead of the Curve"

Don't forget that Basketball IQ, effort, attention to detail, knowing what you and your teammates are supposed to be doing at both ends of the floor -- these are skill not all players possess. They can't be measured at a combine but the Pacers saw those skills in Hill and now we'll have to see if he has enough game to put them to use in the NBA.

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