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2013 NBA Draft Podcast: Kevin Pelton Recaps The Draft and Looks Toward Free Agency

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On our one-time special edition NBA Draft Recap Podcast, Evan Sidery talks with ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton. We recap the NBA Draft, look toward free agency, and look into Kevin's crystal ball for predictions. Hope you guys enjoy this!

Safe to say, ESPN's Kevin Pelton was shocked about Solomon Hill going at 23.
Safe to say, ESPN's Kevin Pelton was shocked about Solomon Hill going at 23.
Streeter Lecka

In the link below I talk to ESPN Insider's stat guru, Kevin Pelton on our special edition podcast. We recap one of the craziest NBA Drafts in recent memory. Who does Kevin think won the draft, lost it, who surprised him? What are his thoughts on Indiana selecting Arizona small forward, Solomon Hill at 23? Also, we peek toward free agency with Kevin's predictions for the top free agents out there. Does he think David West comes back? What about a Danny Granger trade or a Paul George extension this Summer? Kevin gives his predictions on all of that below.

Personally, I was very shocked with us selecting Hill at 23. If Indiana was looking for an upperclassmen wing, Reggie Bullock and Jamaal Franklin were on the board for the them there. I gave the Hill pick a C- after watching some more clips of him last night. In this crazy draft where Anthony Bennett went at number one, it makes sense to keep with the wacky trends.

Here is the 30 minute podcast with Kevin below, hope you enjoy it!