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2013 NBA Draft Rumors: Sacramento and Indiana in Trade Discussions about Jimmer Fredette

Larry Bird was enamored with Jimmer Fredette in the 2011 draft, now Indiana has a chance to get Fredette once and for all this week. The Kings and Pacers have been talking about a possible Fredette trade. Read on in this action-packed piece full of Pacers news involving possible trades and the NBA Draft.

Could Jimmer Fredette become teammates with David West this week?
Could Jimmer Fredette become teammates with David West this week?

According to ESPN's Chad Ford and Marc Stein, the Sacramento Kings are trying to acquire another first round pick. In the report, Ford and Stein mention that Sacramento is using Jimmer Fredette as trade bait. Sacramento has spoken to the Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers about acquiring Fredette for either #21 (Jazz) or #23 pick (Pacers).

The Sacramento Kings are looking to acquire a second first-round pick and are using guard Jimmer Fredette as bait. Sources say the Kings have reached out to a number of teams in the mid-to-late first round in an attempt to secure another pick. Both the Indiana Pacers and Utah Jazz are potential destinations for Jimmer. Kings coach Mike Malone is enamored with both Tim Hardaway Jr. and Tony Snell, but the Kings feel that they can get them much lower in the draft.

This possible trade does actually make sense from Indiana's point of view. At the end of the year press conference, Kevin Pritchard and Donnie Walsh were adamant on adding more shooting to next year's roster. Adding Jimmer to this roster then makes a lot more sense then you would think. Fredette would obviously add shooting, another guard capable of handling the ball, and a young asset who is still in his rookie contract.

Taking on Jimmer's contract, instead of signing another veteran scorer like Kyle Korver or J.J. Redick, would save Indiana a few million this Summer. Also, ever since before the 2011 Draft, Indiana has been enamored with Fredette. If Jimmer would have been on the board at 15, the Pacers were going to take him. Jimmer impressed Indiana big-time in his pre-draft workout and was near the top of their draft board.

As also spoken of in the Ford/Stein piece, Indiana is trying to get rid of Gerald Green on or before Thursday night. Sacramento wants to unload the salary of Jimmer, but right now they do not want to take on any more long-term contracts.

Out of all the trades rumors involving the Pacers, this one seems very realistic. Indiana likes Jimmer and would love to get their hands on a young scorer who could ignite off the bench on any given night. If you wanted my opinion on getting Fredette, I am all for it. No prospect picking in Indiana's range comes close to his scoring capabilities. The Pacers are all-in on finding a backup point guard this Summer somewhere. Adding Fredette onto this roster might due the trick for the Pacers in wanting another scorer and adding another ball handler.

Meanwhile, as I said above, ESPN also mentioned Indiana has been trying to sell off Gerald Green with the 23rd pick. If the Jimmer talks die in the upcoming days, the idea of selling the pick with Green will pick up a lot. Kevin Pritchard now knows he made a massive mistake in giving Green a three-term deal.

If Indiana were to find a partner in selling the package of Green and the 23rd pick, they have targets they like at 53. This might be a weaker draft then most, but it is surprisingly deep. From what I have seen and heard, Indiana likes Peyton Siva and Solomon Hill a lot at 53. Hill has come in twice for workouts with the Pacers, while Siva cancelled his workout with Indiana on Monday.

What really surprised me is that if we acquire Fredette, Indiana could still take a point guard at 53. Fredette would likely be a point guard/shooting guard, while Siva would give Indiana a pure ball handler behind George Hill. It definitely sounds like Indiana is trying to revamp the backcourt a lot this Summer. Hill, on the other hand, would give Indiana a versatile "tweener" of sorts at small forward and power forward. Getting a player who could give minutes behind Paul George, Danny Granger, and David West is one of their needs to find in the upcoming months.

What is everyone's thoughts on all of this news? Do you like the idea of trading the 23rd pick for Jimmer? Would you be fine with giving away Gerald Green and #23, leaving the Pacers only with #53 Thursday night? What is everyone's thoughts on Indiana's likely targets at 53, Siva and Hill? Let your voice be heard in the comments below. With all of this insanity involving the Pacers, you can tell it is now officially NBA Draft week.