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Pacers Schedule Seventh and Final Group Workout for Tuesday

The Pacers have scheduled their seventh and final group workout for Tuesday. It includes six more prospects, but Reggie Bullock of North Carolina is the only true first rounder in this bunch. Also, a confirmed update on Isaiah Canaan's private workout on Sunday is included in here.

Reggie Bullock will try to impress Indiana's executives in their final workout tomorrow.
Reggie Bullock will try to impress Indiana's executives in their final workout tomorrow.
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

After wrapping up Monday's workout, which included Tony Snell and Nate Wolters, the Indiana Pacers have one more workout left before they shut down the pre-draft evaluations. On Monday, there was a small change on the workout list. Peyton Siva was not there, instead it was C.J. Harris of Wake Forest. Siva was in Seattle last night participating in an alumni game, so I expect his agent told him to shut it down, before Thursday. From what I have heard, Siva is high on Indiana's list of players they are targeting at 53, so keep an eye on him, even without working out for the Pacers.

Indiana is now finishing up their finals touches on draft workouts for possible Pacers on Thursday night. The Pacers announced their seventh and final group workout for Tuesday, which only includes one first rounder. On Twitter, Indiana announced the six prospects just a few hours ago. You can see the embedded tweet, with the players participating, below.

This final group of prospects looks at small forwards and power forwards to add depth on the roster. After looking at Ryan Carr's twitter adventures, I could tell he has seen all six of these prospects at least once this season.

Only one prospect out of this group is worth a look with the 23rd pick, and that is Reggie Bullock of North Carolina. Bullock is projected to go anywhere from 19-27, come Thursday night. Outside of him, the rest of these players are expected to be late-second round picks, or go undrafted.

Also, once again, I have an update on that whole Isaiah Canaan workout situation. Canaan's agent, Mark Bartlestein, confirmed via email that Canaan went straight from Impact Sports in Chicago (where he has been working out before the draft) to Indiana on Sunday morning. He again had another private, solo workout in front of all Pacers' executives. Canaan is now home with his family before the draft, his second private workout with Indiana was his last with any team. It sounds like Indiana is very high on Canaan.

For video purposes, here is Draft Express' videos on the only first rounder in for a workout with Indiana tomorrow in Bullock.