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Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Quarterfinals: Reggie Bullock vs. Tony Snell

In this matchup, we have two athletic swing men facing off for a chance to move on to the semifinals. Tony Snell is a lights-out scorer who has had comparisons to Paul George. Reggie Bullock is a veteran college player who is a lockdown defender. Who will advance to the semifinals?

Will Reggie Bullock continue to steamroll through this tournament?
Will Reggie Bullock continue to steamroll through this tournament?

This matchup is a battle of versatile wing players. Indiana needs depth in the frontcourt, especially on the perimeter behind Paul George and possibly Danny Granger next season. Outside of those two players, the Pacers are severely lacking on the wing. Both Reggie Bullock or Tony Snell would help address that need. If both are sitting on the board at 23, you really can not go wrong with selecting either one there. Who will win this battle and advance on to the semifinals?

Below are the usual breakdowns of both prospects from ESPN's Chad Ford and SB Nation partner, Draft Express. If you want to learn more about Bullock and Snell, pay attention to the details provided on them.

Reggie Bullock

  • Long, athletic wing
  • Big-time scorer
  • Good shooter with deep range
  • Can finish in transition
  • Versatile
  • Good ball handler
  • Lacks focus
  • Needs to add strength

Tony Snell

  • Long, athletic two guard
  • Excellent shooter off the catch and shoot
  • Needs to add strength
  • Needs to improve ball handling

Bullock or Snell, as mentioned, would provide much needed depth and versatility on the wing. Having two prospects that have the ability to catch-and-shoot well, like these two, it makes it much easier to have offensive flow. Bullock is the more polished prospect, so he would likely play right away next season. Snell, on the other hand, has a few flaws he needs to fix before he gets regular minutes in the rotation. After emailing veteran NBA scouts about both of these prospects, Bullock was compared to Danny Green a lot, while Snell athleticism was called by one scout, 'Paul George-like'.

After all the analysis from ESPN's Chad Ford and Draft Express, who will advance on to the semifinals? Will it be Reggie Bullock or Tony Snell receiving your vote to move on in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament?