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Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Round Two: Dennis Schroeder vs. Isaiah Canaan

In this matchup of point guards, we have Dennis Schroeder and Isaiah Canaan squaring off in a battle for your vote. Do you want a pass-first point guard like Schroeder, or a George Hill clone in Canaan?

Will Dennis Schroeder advance past Isaiah Canaan into the quarterfinals?
Will Dennis Schroeder advance past Isaiah Canaan into the quarterfinals?
Joern Pollex

This matchup looks like another great one in the second round. Indiana is in desperate need of a backup point guard next season, due to the D.J. Augustin experiment failing terribly last season. Both of these point guards are good ones and are expected to be in the 23rd pick range, but it depends on which type you want. Should Indiana pursue a pass-first point guard (Schroeder) or a scoring point guard (Canaan)? If both of these guys are on the board, they both fit big-time needs for this team off the bench.

Below are the usual breakdowns of both prospects from ESPN's Chad Ford and SB Nation partner, Draft Express. If you want to learn more about Schroeder and Canaan, pay attention to the details provided on them.

Dennis Schroeder

  • Super quick guard
  • Great speed in the open court
  • Huge wingspan for a PG
  • Excellent ball handler
  • Lethal penetrator
  • Aggressive attacking the basket
  • Solid passer off penetration
  • Needs to add strength
  • Basketball IQ could use improvement
  • More of a scoring than passing PG

Isaiah Canaan

  • Efficient scoring guard
  • Excellent shooter with deep range
  • Strong, physical guard
  • Good speed and quickness
  • Lacks ideal size for position
  • A bit of a tweener, more scorer than PG

Schroeder or Canaan would be big upgrades over what Indiana currently has at point guard for now (Augustin and Ben Hansbrough). Dennis' stock has started to slip a little bit, due to him having poor workouts. The opposite can be said for Canaan, who's stock has gone to the mid-late first round. Would you rather have a pass-first point guard or a scorer backing up George Hill next season? It really depends on what your personal preference is. After emailing some scouts, many compared Schroeder to Rajon Rondo and Canaan to a more well-rounded Nate Robinson.

After the analysis from ESPN's Chad Ford and Draft Express, who will advance on to the quarterfinals? Will it be Dennis Schroeder or Isaiah Canaan receiving your vote and advancing on in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament?