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NBA Finals, Game 7: Spurs vs. Heat Game Thread

The last night of the NBA season will bring the NBA Finals to a close and crown a new champion.


Tonight the San Antonio Spurs or Miami Heat will raise the Larry O'Brien trophy in triumph after a Game 7 win to bring the NBA season to a close. The Pacers played their last game just 17 days ago which in retrospect is a pretty nice accomplishment for the blue and gold.

So while this semi-magical season with young players sprouting wings and taking off officially ends, this is a great place to think about the highlights of the past season and of course, what may be in store for the Pacers going forward.

Oh, and feel free to root like crazy for the Spurs. Or the Heat, I guess, if you can look yourself in the mirror. Hopefully, San Antonio shows up better in Game 7 at Miami than the Pacers did so we can have this game and series go down to the wire.

This is also a salute to all of the great game thread participants throughout the season who kept the comments flowing and continually welcomed new folks aboard as the Pacers kept up their winning pace. Thank you!!!