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Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Round Two: Shane Larkin vs. Tim Hardaway Jr.

In this matchup, we have I believe the best battle of the tournament so far. Miami point guard, Shane Larkin squares off against Michigan shooting guard, Tim Hardaway Jr. to get your vote and advance on to the quarterfinals. With that being said, who will get your vote?

Will Shane Larkin defeat Tim Hardaway Jr. and advance on to the quarterfinals?
Will Shane Larkin defeat Tim Hardaway Jr. and advance on to the quarterfinals?

This matchup addresses a key need for Indiana next season, a scorer off the bench. Shane Larkin would be a big upgrade over D.J. Augustin, while Tim Hardaway Jr. gives them another versatile wing. The Pacers need a scoring punch and either of these prospects could provide that. Either way, Indiana could not going wrong with selecting either of these players if they are on the board come draft night.

Below are the usual breakdowns of both prospects from ESPN's Chad Ford and SB Nation partner, Draft Express. If you want to learn more about Larkin and Hardaway Jr., pay attention to the details provided on them.

Shane Larkin

  • Super quick point guard
  • Excellent shooter with range
  • Pesky defender who racks up steals
  • Sees the floor well
  • Aggressive
  • Undersized for his position
  • Rarely gets to the free throw line
  • Struggles as a finisher

Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Scoring wing who can shoot or get to the basket
  • Very good at getting his shot off the dribble
  • Solid athlete
  • Good passer, sees the floor well
  • Can be a good defender when he wants to be
  • Shot selection is sometimes lacking
  • Needs to improve his handle
  • If he could get his dad's crossover, he'd be tough to guard

As we saw throughout the playoffs, Indiana is in need of a top-flight scorer off the bench next season. Whether it comes through the draft or free agency, it has to be addressed this offseason. If selected at 23, Larkin or Hardaway Jr. would give the Pacers a much needed boost off the bench. Adding either one of these prospects to the rotation gives Indiana another offensive weapon to work with. Before the second round began, I emailed a few scouts about all the prospects and asked to give them a modern player comparison. Most of the scouts had a consensus that Larkin reminds them of a more athletic Ty Lawson, while Hardaway Jr. reminded a lot of Arron Afflalo.

After all the analysis from Chad Ford and Draft Express, who will advance on to the quarterfinals? Will it be Shane Larkin or Tim Hardaway Jr. receiving your vote to move on to the quarterfinals in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament?