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Music at Bankers Life Fieldhouse keeps Pacers rockin' at home

The game experience at Bankers Life Fieldhouse generates an advantage for the Pacers when they play at home.

Chris Chambers

When the lights go down at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the 300 Violin Orchestra begins to blare, tip time is near and the Pacers home-court advantage begins reaching a fever pitch.

The Pacers had a 15-game home winning streak and ended the regular season with a 31-11 record at the Fieldhouse. Then in the playoffs the Pacers were 8-1 in front of the wild sell-out crowds throughout their run to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Music plays a big role in firing up the Fieldhouse faithful and while the tunes played throughout the game vary from year-to-year, tapping into popular songs, the pre-game duo of 300 Violin Orchestra followed by 7 Nation Army as the team daps it up and the starters make their way out to the center circle gets everyone on their feet and ready to rock.

During the game the new, monster HD scoreboard helps make stars out of fans dancing to tunes, like this little kid ripping up Run-DMC in the stands. What tunes do you enjoy hearing the most at the Fieldhouse. Which songs would you like to suggest the Pacers include whether for time out entertainment or firing up the crowd.

Last year (2012) during the playoffs, I caught a little of that pre-game experience as the players went through their rituals before the tip. Check it out.