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Pacers 23rd Pick Tournament Round One: Archie Goodwin vs. Trade Out for Young Veteran

In this matchup, we have an explosive shooting guard versus trading the pick for a young veteran. One would give Indiana an upgrade in the backcourt, while the other would give Indiana another veteran piece to contribute immediately. Who will get your vote and move on to the second round?

Former top pick, Derrick Williams could be had for the 23rd pick.
Former top pick, Derrick Williams could be had for the 23rd pick.

This matchup is a battle of wanting to develop a young player, or trading the pick to acquire a veteran asset for the team. Archie Goodwin is projected as a late first round pick, as he will likely be on the board when the 23rd pick rolls around. Meanwhile, trading for a young veteran sounds enticing if a team wants the pick instead. Who will win this battle and advance on to the second round?

Below, as usual, we will have Chad Ford's breakdown on Goodwin and Draft Express' take on him as well. Goodwin is an intriguing prospect and could blossom into a star if a team develops him correctly.

Archie Goodwin

Projection Late First Round Pick
  • Long, athletic wing
  • Smooth athlete
  • Can score from anywhere
  • Excellent penetrator/finisher at the basket
  • Very good ball handling skills
  • Competitive, unselfish player
  • Needs to improve his consistency on his jumper
  • Can play out of control, takes wild shots
  • Needs to add strength

Now, we get to the scenario of trading the pick for a young veteran. Let's play a game here and select a team that has the correct assets for a trade with Indiana, the Minnesota Timberwolves. There have been rumors floating around since the NBA Combine that Minnesota has been floating the three following players out there for another draft pick: Derrick Williams, J.J. Barea, and Luke Ridnour.

Either one of these three players could be had for the 23rd pick, I would assume. Would you trade the pick for any of these players? It makes sense to do it. The Pacers would get either a young forward to play behind Paul George and David West (Williams), or a veteran point guard who is a upgrade over D.J. Augustin (Barea or Ridnour).

The team Indiana possibly trades with does not have to be Minnesota, but after looking at all the teams trading options, they make the most sense. Any of those three players likely could be had, so it depends on your personal choice who you would want out of those three. Even trading with another team for another young veteran is also in the cards, but as mentioned, Minnesota makes the most sense on paper.

After the analysis on Goodwin (ESPN and Draft Express) and my quick little blurb on the possibility of trading the pick for a young veteran, who should advance on to the second round? Will it be Archie Goodwin or Trade Out for Young Veteran receiving your vote to move on in the Indy Cornrows 23rd Pick Tournament?