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Pacers Off-Season Rumors: Danny Granger for Eric Bledsoe?

Per USA TODAY, Los Angeles is willing to give up Eric Bledsoe in a trade for Danny Granger? Would you do it?

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Will you be high-fiving if this trade rumor actually comes true between Indiana and Los Angeles?
Will you be high-fiving if this trade rumor actually comes true between Indiana and Los Angeles?
Jeff Gross

According to USA TODAY's Sam Amick, the Los Angeles Clippers are willing to give up Eric Bledsoe for Danny Granger. The question is, does this deal make sense from Indiana's point of view?

Los Angeles could not fully take on Granger's contract unless another one from the Clippers is sent back to Indiana. That contract would have to be Caron Butler, who is making $8 million next season. Adding in Butler, makes the trade work financially and also fairly balanced. The Clippers have been searching for their "3rd star" alongside Chris Paul and Blake Griffin according to ESPN LA's Ramona Shelburne.

LA thinks Danny Granger could be that "3rd star" that complete their lineup and make them major title contenders. Sending Danny would be a tough pill to swallow for fans, but if you could get back a young asset in Bledsoe and a veteran wing to play behind Paul George would be huge for the second unit.

The starting lineup of George Hill, Lance Stephenson, George, David West, and Roy Hibbert is locked in for the next few years, if West is re-signed (highly likely). Both Kevin Prichard and Donnie Walsh both know they need extra pieces to fill out their second unit to become a complete team.

Even though it would be tough to see, trading Granger for a duo like Bledsoe and Butler would help round-out this team. As you can tell, I am on board to make this trade happen, but are the rest of you?

We will see soon if this rumor actually has legs, but it makes sense for both sides.