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2013 Indy Cornrows Community Mock Draft - Open Thread

Follow along as we go through the NBA Draft with readers being the general managers!

Who is ready for the community mock draft!?
Who is ready for the community mock draft!?

In the comments section below, myself and many readers of Indy Cornrows will be conducting a community mock draft. This means that we will be the general managers for all 30 teams and make every selection until the end of the NBA Draft (2 rounds).

Here are the official rules of the community mock draft and also check out SB Nation's own, Jonathan Tjarks' big board of NBA prospects. His list includes his top 71 prospects, and also scouting reports for you to look at, if you are a general manager.

Who will have the best, worst, and head-scratching pick of the Indy Cornrows Community Mock Draft? This should be fun guys, I really hope you all enjoy this fun experience tonight!

By the way, there are still openings to be a general manager for one of the 30 teams. Head over to the official rules post from last night, or tell me in the comments section below what team you want to run for the community mock draft. Good luck, everyone!