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Reggie Miller calling Pacers vs. Knicks for TNT

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Reggie Miller will provide color commentary for his old team in familiar territory -- Madison Square Garden during the playoffs.

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Former Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller will be sitting courtside at MSG tonight to add a nice little subplot to Game 2 between the Pacers and New York Knicks. Miller returns to the scene of the crime, his famous eight points in nine seconds to steal Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals, 18 years to the day of the miracle scoring outburst.

No doubt the MSG crowd will have its say about Reggie being in the house and I'm sure TNT will let us enjoy the memory a time or five before the end of the game. If Paul George needs a little inspiration about what coming up big in the Garden can do for a great player, having Reggie watching his every move should provide plenty of motivation.

Not sure the broadcast has room to add any additional Spike Lee shots but I'm sure they will find a way to up the quota with Reggie in the Garden. Neil Best of Newsday chatted with Reggie about his assignment on Tuesday night.

Miller has announced games at the Garden before, but he is well aware that given the stakes and the Pacers' 1-0 series lead, the very sight of him will be emotional for many Knicks fans.

How is he treated by New Yorkers these days? Miller said when he walks around the city, the people who "get up the courage to come up to me, you hear a lot of, 'I really didn't like you when I was a kid but I respected you, and I respect you now.' "

At the Garden, however, "It's a little bit different, because that's the hard-core New York-based fans. So they're a little bit more ornery, I would say. But I love it. It's good after 20-plus years, you can still have an effect on people through how you played the game."

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