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Reggie Miller congratulates Mark Jackson, Warriors on first round win over Nuggets

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Former Indiana Pacers teammates share a moment following the Warriors series-clinching win over the Nuggets on Thursday night.

Pretty cool scene in the Golden State Warriors locker room on Thursday night after the Dubs closed out the Denver Nuggets to win their first-round series 4-2 with a 92-88 win. Former Indiana Pacers teammates Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson enjoyed the win together as Jax had Reg address his team (via Point Forward).

Reggie slipped right into locker room mode with a little foul language but as he said, see, still devil (Reggie) and angel (Jax). Reggie was calling the game for TNT which is why he was in the house for the game. Real nice to see the former leaders of the Pacers getting it done after their playing days.

Could this pairing be a preview of a future leadership combo at the Fieldhouse?