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Pacers vs. Hawks Links: Pacers control destiny in Game 6 matchup with Hawks

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Indiana needs to take the fight to Atlanta and remain in control of the series to put away the Hawks in Game 6.

Kevin C. Cox

The nightmare images of Game 3 strip away any confidence I have in the Indiana Pacers rolling into Atlanta for Game 6 on Friday night and putting down the Atlanta Hawks.

But the defense I witnessed in Game 5 does give me hope that the losing streak in Philips Arena could end tonight along with the first round series. The Pacers practiced in Indy on Thursday before heading to Atlanta. They know they control their own destiny and packed accordingly. That meant packing for six days so when they win they can go directly to New York, should the Knicks take care of business in Boston. That was more logistics than arrogance but the bags are packed.

The Hawks took Thursday off at home with coach Larry Drew wanting to give his 'mentally fatigued' squad a rest. With the season on the line, fatigue shouldn't come into the equation but it does mean the Hawks should be fresh and ready to go. The question is: Ready to go where? Vacation or Indy for Game 7?

Should be a fun one to watch tonight and the Pacers are holding a few viewing parties at various spots around the city. Here are the locations:

- Trader's Mill - 5650 W 86TH STREET | Map

- Chumley's - 838 BROADRIPPLE AVE | Map

- Pepper's - 9105 E. 56TH STREET | Map

- Buffalo Wild Wings - Speedway | Map

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