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Pacers vs. Heat Links: Heat Big Four play like champs against Pacers

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LeBron James brought his whole team to the party in Game 3 leaving the Pacers with too many options to stop.

Gregory Shamus

LeBron James was phenomenal in the first two games of the Eastern Conference finals but the Pacers controlled much of the action down in Miami to bring home a 1-1 series tie.

In Game 3, LeBron dominated in a completely different way by letting his teammates get loose on the offensive end. James still led the Heat in scoring and his team played at a championship level while he was on the floor, it just didn't seem like he was the leading scorer.

Not with Udonis Haslem wiping the dust off of his game to score 17 points. Ray Allen and Shane Battier both hit three-pointers. Mario Chalmers made big plays in the third quarter when the Pacers were trying to get back into the game. And the Birdman? Apparently he isn't going to miss a shot in this series (4 for 4 last night and 13 for 13 in the series).

The collective group of Heat players other than the Big Three that create the Heat the Big Four Frank Vogel stresses make the Heat nearly impossible to beat rose up to deliver a championship-level performance. LeBron James taking Paul George into the post and forcing the Pacers to alter their defensive priorities opened up offensive opportunities for his teammates and they found a comfort level to simply torch the Pacers at the Fieldhouse.

Nothing short of impressive.

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