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Halftime score: Heat up on Pacers 70-56

The Miami Heat had the greatest half of basketball in the team's franchise history, shooting 63%, dominating the paint with 34, and getting four double digit scorers to totally bowl over an Indiana Pacers team that has had to do everything possible to keep pace in this game. The Pacers have mostly gotten sucked into Miami's pace, but the Heat have been smart and patience with the ball, committing just one turnover, and getting LeBron James dominating inside.

James leads all scorers with 18, but Udonis Haslem (6-7) has 13, Chris Bosh (5-9, 2-3 3P) has 12, and Dwyane Wade has 10. Despite all of it, Indiana is getting healthy offense, 16 from David West, 13 from Roy Hibbert, and George Hill with 11. But Miami's offense is proving too much for Indiana, creating an interesting second half scenario for the Pacers' defense.

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