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NBA to Review Dwyane Wade's Elbow on Lance Stephenson

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The now infamous WWE-like flying elbow move Dwyane Wade connected on Lance Stephenson's head is now being reviewed by the NBA. We should know the verdict soon on this. Should Wade be suspended for game three of the Eastern Conference Finals for doing this?

Mike Ehrmann

According to USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt, the NBA is reviewing the elbow Dwyane Wade delivered to Lance Stephenson's head during the fourth quarter of game two. The elbow connected to Lance's head (specifically the temple) with 4:05 left in the game. After the hit, the Pacers finished the game on a Surprisingly, Wade did not receive a foul for this play.

On the TNT broadcast last night, Reggie Miller and Steve Kerr both said it was incidental contact from Wade, but how? If Wade was truly wanting to go by Stephenson, he could have either just run to the side of him or gave him a little push to continue down his path.

Here is the elbow below that sure did not seem incidental to anyone.

Wade has had a history with plays that draw pretty close to the suspension line. Dwyane kicked Bobcats point guard, Ramon Sessions in the groin after he committed a reach-in foul on him. Wade also made a hard foul on Kobe Bryant in the All-Star game, breaking Bryant's nose. As you can see, Wade has a pretty deep track record of questionable fouls and that is only for this season. It gets even deeper when you look at the 2011-2012 season as well.

Is Wade a dirty player? It sure seems like it from his track record over the recent years. If he is not, he must be the biggest over-reactor in the NBA.

The Pacers and Heat have had bad blood before. Stephenson infamously made the choke sign to LeBron James last season during the Eastern Conference Semifinals, making him a target for Miami. Juwan Howard went and confronted Stephenson before the next game and Dexter Pittman then hit him in the throat with a forearm shiver.

Should Wade be suspended for flying elbow to Stephenson's head? I say absolutely. Anytime a player hits someone in the head with malicious intent, they should be suspended for at least a game.

It will be interesting to see what the announcement will be on Wade's elbow from the NBA before game three. If he is not suspended, then I will start to believe the NBA is rigging and not suspending one of the league's star players.