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Paul George named to All-NBA third team, LeBron James tops All-NBA first team

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Indiana Pacers swingman is recognized among the top performers in the league for the 2012-13 season.

Mike Ehrmann

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George had a devastating end to his night at AmericanAirlines Arena after LeBron James slipped by him for the game-winner in Game 1.

Things improved for PG on Thursday as he was named to the All-NBA third team as voted on by a panel of 119 media members. Of course, LeBron earned the most votes to headline the All-NBA first team where he was joined by Kevin Durant, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul. Heat guard Dwyane Wade also made the All-NBA third teams with PG.

Roy Hibbert and David West were among the players also receiving votes.

Here are the full results:


LeBron James, Miami: (119 votes) 595 points

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City: (102) 555

Tim Duncan, San Antonio: (45) 392

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers: (91) 521

Chris Paul, LA Clippers: (97) 537


Carmelo Anthony, New York: (24) 397

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers: 132

Marc Gasol, Memphis: (38) 295

Tony Parker, San Antonio: (16) 273

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City: (20) 306


David Lee, Golden State: 79

Paul George, Indiana: 73

Dwight Howard, LA Lakers: (17) 203

Dwyane Wade, Miami: (3) 145

James Harden, Houston: (5) 253

Also receiving votes, with point totals: Brook Lopez, Brooklyn, 132 (7 First Team votes); Stephen Curry, Golden State, 72; LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland, 62; Chris Bosh, Miami, 59 (4); Joakim Noah, Chicago, 56 (3); Zach Randolph, Memphis, 45; Al Horford, Atlanta, 31 (2); Paul Pierce, Boston, 24; Al Jefferson, Utah, 20 (1); Tyson Chandler, New York, 19 (1); Roy Hibbert, Indiana, 9; Luol Deng, Chicago, 8; Kevin Garnett, Boston, 8; Ty Lawson, Denver, 8; Josh Smith, Atlanta, 7; Deron Williams, Brooklyn, 6; Pau Gasol, LA Lakers, 4; Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City, 4; Omer Asik, Houston, 3; Kenneth Faried, Denver, 3; Raymond Felton, New York, 3; Kyrie Irving, Cleveland, 3; Carlos Boozer, Chicago, 2; Mike Conley, Memphis, 2; David West, Indiana, 2; Rudy Gay, Toronto, 1; JJ Hickson, Portland, 1; Andre Iguodala, Denver, 1; Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas, 1; Nikola Pekovic, Minnesota, 1; Rajon Rondo, Boston, 1; Nikola Vucevic, Orlando, 1.