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Pacers vs. Heat Links: Pacers must move on quickly from brutal loss to Heat

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The Eastern Conference Finals schedule doesn't leave much time ponder opportunities lost which is probably a good thing for the Pacers.

Mike Ehrmann

The Indiana Pacers surely like the Eastern Conference Finals schedule with one off day between games. After playing well in spurts and not so well throughout Game 1, the Pacers were in position to win in overtime after a miracle three from Paul George.

An equally miraculous three-point foul with 2.2 seconds allowed Paul George to show some serious stones by making all three freebies and putting the Pacers in the lead by one point. Unfortunately, PG was distracted by a shiny Ray Allen on the final play of the game. When he recovered too aggressively LeBron James trotted in for the game winner.

I really would've liked to have seen what would've happened with Roy Hibbert on the floor. My guess, the best-case scenario would've been a foul and two shots for either LeBron or Chris Bosh. Either would've been better than a layup. After the foul for PG at the other end, the whistles were ready for LBJ. But he didn't need it.

So many problems and errors along the way that it is hard to leave it all on PG and that final play, but still that was the game. But James is a tough cover with 2.2 seconds to go and interestingly, according to Prediction Machine's ScoreCast, with 2 seconds remaining in OT and down 1, the Heat were 50.3% more likely to win than lose. The percentages fell in their favor. Ugh.

The Pacers should be plenty confident heading into Game 2. But they need to turn that confidence into execution on the court if they want to take a win home to Indiana.

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