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Pacers Final Score: Heat escape Pacers in OT 103-102 in Game 1

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The Pacers bit their tongue a little too hard as Miami grabs a Game 1 victory.

Mike Ehrmann

The Indiana Pacers were able to set the tone for this Eastern Conference Finals matchup against the Miami Heat, but they made just too many mental mistakes to capitalize on a golden opportunity to grab the Game 1 victory despite forcing overtime with a deep Paul George three pointer. The Pacers and Heat went back and forth the entire game, but the Pacers couldn't overcome 20 turnovers, allowing Miami to score 22 points off those turnovers.

Paul George was able to take the lead in overtime with three free throws before LeBron James had an easy layup to the rim with 2.2 seconds to go. Paul George led the Pacers with 27 and David West pitched in with 26. James had a 30-point, 10 rebound, and 10 assist triple double to seal the Game 1 victory for Miami.

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