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Halftime score: Pacers lead Heat 42-37

The Indiana Pacers opened Game 1 with the first half they were hoping to have against the Miami Heat, holding the top seed in the East to 37 points, forcing 13 turnovers along the way. Neither team has been able to rattle off any sort of run as the Pacers too have struggled with turnovers, committing 12. LeBron James started the game hot, but had just nine points in the first quarter, picking up a pair of fouls.

Fouls have been a definition of tonight's game, with David West and Lance Stephenson each picking up three and Chris Bosh also sitting after his third. West has picked the perfect time to show up, scoring 18 points on 8-11 shooting with Roy Hibbert scoring 11, grabbing three of Indiana's six offensive rebounds to lead to a 19-12 advantage on the boards.

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