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Wells: George Hill to take concussion test later today

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Here's a video clip of the shot Tyson Chandler deliver George Hill in Game 4 along with an update from Mike Wells at practice today.


The Indiana Pacers practiced at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Friday afternoon but steered clear of discussing George Hill's concussion and status for Game 6, according to Mike Wells.

Wellsy reported that Hill will have another concussion test some time this evening but that Frank Vogel had no comment on his status nor the play that led to the concussion. I guess, the later in the day the team can wait to have Hill take the test the better, but in reality, he'll either pass and be cleared to play or he will remain on the shelf. There is no "close enough' with a brain injury. Here is a summary of the NBA's concussion policy.

Speaking of the play that forced Hill to miss Game 5 and keeps his return unknown, here's a clip of the Tyson Chandler getting away with a running screen on Hill. (via The Big Lead)