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Dale Davis shares his thoughts on current Indiana Pacers

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Former Pacers big man likes what he sees from the Pacers and really likes watching them beat the Knicks.


The current Indiana Pacers received some kind words and what amounted to a seal of approval from a former enforcer who knows a thing or two about battling the New York Knicks.

Dale Davis joined JMV on Monday afternoon to catch up with the local audience and share his thoughts on the playoffs and how his old team is doing so far in the post season. DD gave those great teams in the 90's a strong spine along with some defense and rebounding, so I thought this description of the current team was high praise from the big fella.

"I'm particularly impressed with that defense. I like the way they get after it. They don't really have the superstar, superstar quote-unquote. They have some very talented players but they kind of remind me of us back in the day because they roll up their sleeves, put the hard hats on and do the little things. They just play so well together on that defensive end, it's making New York, it's making it really tough on them (NYK), so I'm proud of them (Pacers)."

This is true. The Pacers have won a lot of games this year by taking care of the little things when the offense isn't producing at a high level. Real nice to hear from Double-D during the playoffs so check out the whole interview on JMV's podcasts.