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Pacers vs. Knicks Links: Pacers hold series advantage going into pivotal Game 4

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The Pacers maintained home-court advantage with a win in Game 3 but the series could swing on Game 4


The Indiana Pacers are starting to show the folks that don't get a chance to see them play much, why they are a fun team to watch even when they win an otherwise ugly game as they did by beating the New York Knicks on Saturday night.

There's something about relentless effort and watching a visiting team get completely frustrated that is quite entertaining. Winning the hustle plays with Roy Hibbert leading the way by cleaning up on the offensive glass? That's fun. Paul George chasing an elite scorer around all night and getting his hands on balls, doing things that impact the game but don't show up in the traditional box score? That's fun.

Oh, and they enjoy playing the game together and actually do carry a fun loving personality if you care to inquire. Roy Hibbert took advantage of his podium time after the game to flash a little personality. After dominating the game around the rime, Hibbert won the post-game by brining a monocle to the room, an effort to take the post-game eye wear game of LeBron, DWade and Russell Westbrook up a notch.

TNT's Rachel Nichols captured a shot of Hibbert's monocle which he didn't wear but certainly made a part of his post-game interview.

Good times. Now the have taken back control of the series but it will all be up for grabs again in Game 4 which will be the pivotal games of the series.

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