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Pacers Links: Pacers stuck in lower gear, need to rev up for playoffs

After back-to-back blowout losses, the Pacers have to get back in the shop to fine tune their game before the end of the regular season.

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Last Tuesday, the Pacers woke up with three days off to rest and recoup after their most impressive stretch of the regular season which saw them win four consecutive road games and for the most part, look real good doing it.

After returning from Washington, D.C. late last night, the Pacers have two days off to get to work and figure out just what they left on the road. Back-to-back losses to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards aren't necessarily shocking, but the way the Pacers faded in both games was and definitely not the stuff of champions. The momentum for the 4-0 road trip? Gone.

I'm quite certain the Pacers will find their mojo to eventually earn the Central Division title and get right for the playoffs, but the past two nights expose just how slight their margin for error is against a team that can match them (or more) with talent. It was like the Pacers were cruising along in third gear and then when it was time to shift into their winning gear, the clutch stuck and they were left in the dust.

The Pacers have two days back in the shop at the Fieldhouse to prepare for their next game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and another dynamic point guard. Come playoff time, a little late-season drama may do the Pacers good, but right now it just looks ugly.

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